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Transform and Align to Your True Self and Soul Purpose

I am Sarah Duck and I intuitively help you through transformation and ascension so you can live in alignment with your true self and soul purpose using card readings, energy healing and coaching services.

  • Finding Your True Self and What Makes You Tick
  • Spiritual techniques and how to best integrate then into your life.
  • Find and learn to live in alignment with your life purpose.
  • Gain Confidence and Happiness Now not when you have whatever it is you desire.
  • Create and live the Life You were meant to have.

Ways to Work with Me

Self Study Courses

Spirituality, Mindset, Transformation and much more. coming soon.

Starting at £44.44

Spiritual Transformation Academy

Join the spiritual and card reading membership site with distant healing session.

£25 per Month


Individual Coaching and Reading Sessions, packages also available. One to One on Video Call via Zoom

Starting at £33.33

Distant Healing

Distant Healing Sessions with or without card readings with private video link.

Starting at £22.22

Pendulum Readings

Yes or No with 3 card Readings, small card readings and others

Starting at £3.33

Card Readings

Email PDF Readings or Video Readings. Done Within 2-5 working days.

Starting at £15

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