About Sarah Duck

I am Sarah Duck and I am an intuitive card reader spiritual transformation coach who intuitively helps female lightworkers through spiritual transformation to living in alignment.

It’s taken me a good 36 years to finally realise that this is where I belong, that this is my purpose.  Finding my purpose has been a long process, it’s taken a lot of soul searching for me to find it.  I am now ready to help others to do the same.

There was a long time I felt lost, confused and like I didn’t have a purpose at all.  I hated that feeling, but deep down I knew that there must be something better in my life, something more.  

Work With Me

I intuitively help you through transformation and ascension so you can live in alignment with your true self and soul purpose using card readings, energy healing and coaching services.


Spiritual & Transformation Coaching Services from 1-1 to Group Coaching and Work At Your Own Pace Courses.

Intuitive Readings

Card Readings, Pendulum Readings and More to Come. Using my intuitive abilities to give you the most detailed information I can.

Energy Healing

Master Reiki Healer for distant healing sessions, ASMR & Crystal Healing. Energy healing and chakra balancing across time and space.

My Story

Sarah Duck Spiritual Coach started after several years of trying to find my purpose and the person who I thought I’d completely lost, my true self.  I had no confidence back in 2015 when I started my soul searching journey. I was a complete negative Nancy and I badly needed a way to change all that.

It started off in 2014 when I first started blogging, then I joined network marketing  a year later.  Network marketing was the way I started to figure myself out.  I did a lot of personal development and mindset work that helped me so much with all that.  My Mindset work started at The Mindset Movement with a wonderful friend and coach.    

It’s through all these lessons that I became confident, learnt to deal with my anxiety a lot more and realized that I want to help other people to do the same thing. 

Some Facts About Me

I love reading mainly thriller and horror fiction books, especially Stephen King.  Personal development is also a huge part of my reading material too.  I watch horror and thriller stuff and things that are woo woo, spiritual stuff.  There may be a secret part of me that likes the CSI type programs too though, but shh! it’s a secret.

I love playing MMORPG games.  I started off with Guild Wars, moved onto World of Warcraft which I played for many years and now I over between Everquest 2 and Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox.  Having a clean tidy home is something I love to have, but I’m a little lazy with it at times.  I need a cleaner, lol.

Moving Forwards

I have social and general anxiety and Scoliosis and deal with pain daily, basically since I was 11 years old. I have a child who is 9 years old and we’ve struggled to have another child since and still are. Despite all this I’m positive and still have hope.  Dwelling on the things like this is part of my part though.  This business is about moving forward and helping others.  My past and issues are not who I am and I realise that I need to focus on the moving forward and not the past or current struggles or issues.  I know how to move on and deal with things and I know how to change.

I am in my mid 30s as of now and I only just figured out what I love and what I should be doing, so if you are struggling, just know that you still have time, no matter how old you are.  It’s never too late.

I’m excited about the future and this business because I’m excited for you and the changes that I know you’ll be making through using the tools I provide.

work with me

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