Spiritually Connected Women

What to Expect

Making Spirituality A Normal Part Of Everyday

A podcast for spiritually conscious women focused on being more spiritually connected for yourselves and your business. Honestly sharing all experiences about being a spiritually open mum, business owner and woman, including intuitive readings, personal experiences, tips and everything spiritual. 

Sarah will talk about the ups and downs of being spiritual and what it’s like to truly be truly spiritual. It can be hard opening up as a spiritual woman, there still feels like a stigma surrounding it and I want to change that and make the norm.

Introductions to Podcast

About Me and the Podcast

To AllInfertile Women

Infertile Woman, I see you, I feel you i am you. Emotional infertile thoughts surrounding infertility as I verge onto my 11th year trying to conceive.

How to get the motivation to take action on your goals?

How can you get the motivation to take action on your goals and what if you aren’t motivated at all?

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